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Volumetric Concrete

Concrete, the world’s most widely used building material, has a proven track record of long-term performance in the development of infrastructure, commerce and many modern conveniences in today’s built environment.

Integrating higher quality materials, design and construction methods also minimises maintenance, repair and replacement costs, and inconveniences to commuters and businesses. This ensures wise stewardship of today’s investments for tomorrow’s generations, creating a safer, more sustainable built environment.

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Maximize Productivity with 1- Hour Structural Strength

Ideal for Low Temperature Installations

Low Shrinkage, Thin Overlays are Possible

Optimise Panel and Precision Grouting Operations

Minimise Disruptions and Downtime




All SARMA members comply with strict standards of production and quality both in their products as well as their machinery must be maintained to a high standard.

We are the first Volumetric Concrete Company in South Africa to obtain this accreditation and with an outstanding 5 Star accreditation.

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Eliminates Water of convenience from migrating to the surface

This prevents voids and capillary channels common within OPC placements that lead to shrinkage cracking, contamination and deterioration.

Eliminates Curling and warping of concrete placements

Preventing these common occurrences reduces corner breaks and impact spalls that occur when exposed to in-service traffic, and associated repair and maintenance costs.

Sulfate Resistance

Rapid Set. Cement provides the highest resistance to sulfate attack. Unlike OPC, Rapid Set. Cement contains no tri-calcium aluminate (C3A) compounds. Because it is the C3A that attacks sulfates, Rapid Set Cement minimizes the potential for sulfate attack by eliminating C3A altogether.

Dimentional Stability

Rapid Set materials are highly compatible with Portland cement- based materials, and create a strong bond that eliminates “shrink back” at patch or repair perimeters, and prevents de-bonding.

Maintains Design Strength

Maintains design strength throughout the concrete/concrete repair placement by eliminating a detrimental change in w/c ratio at the surface. This results in higher impact, abrasion and spall resistance

Freeze/ Thaw Resistance

Rapid Set Cement’s low permeability is resistant to freezing and thawing exposures. Its rapid hydration and strength gain allow it to be used in cold weather installations that are not possible with OPC mix designs.

Fast Is


Rapid Set Cement excels in key performance criteria including: advanced material properties, installation efficiencies, application versatility, and sustainability. Rapid Set. is not ordinary portland cement mixed with admixtures, nor is it an accelerator. And, it is not a calcium aluminate cement prone to strength regression. It is an innovative, proven belitic calcium sulfoaluminate (bCSA) advanced cement technology used worldwide on projects where time, money and long-term durability are essential.

Structural Strength in One Hour

Rapid Set® Cement products gain structural strength in one hour, allowing quick return to service and minimal commuter disruption and congestion. You save significant time and money, with reduced installation times and labor requirements − while maximizing goodwill in the surrounding communities and businesses.

Short Term Rapair Can Be Long Term Solution

Rehabilitated concrete is often associated with a limited life span. With Rapid Set® Cement technology, that is no longer the case. Extensive independent fatigue testing proves that Rapid Set® Cement concrete achieves a service life of up to 100 years. This extended life span maximizes asset life while minimizing lifecycle costs and ensuring maximum return on the asset investment.

Low Carbon Footprint

Rapid Set® Cement has several sustainability advantages: 32% reduced carbon emissions, 65% lower consumption of natural resources and energy, and 2 times the service life of traditional cement. By maximizing long-term durability and extending service life, you achieve a higher level of sustainability and minimize resource utilization, asset maintenance, repair and replacement.

The Near Zero Shrinkage Solution

Traditional concrete and concrete repair materials shrink extensively leading to cracking, curling, spalling, and ultimately, deterioration and failure. With Rapid Set® Cement technology, drying shrinkage is reduced to near zero. Durability is increased and the potential for cracking minimized or eliminated without the use of additives. This cannot be achieved with ordinary portland cement and shrinkage reducing admixtures.


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